For The Culture Festival

June 19, 2021

For the Culture Fest, created and hosted by Alinone Weddings & Events, is a safe space for black people and allies to celebrate and embrace the culture.

The festival will be a full day event, showcasing local businesses, while providing educational resources for the community. The resources may include but are not limited to, blood drives, free HIV testing, voluntary service hours, voter registration and job opportunities. We will display local artists such as singers, speakers, dancers and spoken word. A percentage of proceeds will support local causes.

We hope to empower and provide a safe atmosphere for people in our communities to enjoy themselves, while supporting local vendors with similar experiences.

For the Community

This is a moment to reflect on our ancestors’ sacrifices to have the freedom to live, to own, to educate, and to excel in a society that was built by us, but not for us.


For the Culture ― If your organization is looking to support and empower our local communities, look no further.  

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For the Community ― This opportunity will provide exposure to your local business if you’re looking to expand your clientele.

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For the Cause ― Earn your community service hours while making a change.

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For the Cause

A percentage of proceeds will support a local cause, which will be announced by March.

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