For The Culture Causes

For the Causes

For the Culture Festival wouldn’t be anything if we don’t give back! We are giving to two organizations for prostate cancer prevention and to combat sex trafficking.

By purchasing a ticket, you are making a difference as 25% of the proceeds will be contributed to two organizations. By attending the festival, you contribute to a cause that can save lives. Let’s stand united, raise our voices, and make a powerful impact.

Prostate Cancer Prevention

For the Culture Festival is dedicated to shedding light on the impact of prostate cancer within our community. We cannot ignore the harsh reality that black men face a higher risk of developing and losing their lives to this disease.

Black men are more likely to die from prostate cancer than any other group. They deserve long lives that can be aided with early detection and resources.

It’s time to take charge of our health and break the cycle. Together, let’s spread awareness, encourage early testing, and prioritize proactive measures to protect our loved ones.

Join us in this important fight by securing your tickets today.

Combating Sex Trafficking

Join us for a powerful session during the festival. Alinone Weddings & Events unites with Women in Film & Television Atlanta (WIFTA) to screen Experience the thought-provoking documentary “Trafficked: Survivor Stories,” directed by Michael ‘Boogie’ Pinckney, followed by an engaging Q&A session with the producer and Dorsey Jones, an esteemed speaker, to combating sex trafficking. This session is sponsored by Andrea’s Caribbean & Seafood Restaurant.

Thriving and Surviving: Combating Sex Trafficking

June 17 | TBA
📍 The Legacy Center

Trafficked: Survivor Stories film screening and Panel Discussion

The organization we are supporting plays a crucial role in combating sex trafficking by offering comprehensive, trauma-informed, victim-centered recovery services. They include residential programs, community-based initiatives, and graduate services, all designed to provide holistic care and support.

* The session is free with a purchase of a For the Culture Festival ticket. Trigger warning: topics discussed during this session may be disturbing.